Apply KTU Admission Form 2022/2023

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Apply KTU Admission Form 2022/2023

Are you in Matric? Looking to ktudy further in 2022/2023? KTU Admission Form starts opening its application in May 2022.

Each University has its own application dates, however, the majority of applications for 2022/2023 are opening in May 2022.

Kumasi Technical University


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Kumasi Technical University Admission Form 2022/2023 is in different sections 1. For Ghanaian Applicants, 2. International Applicants and 3. Ghanaians Applying from Abroad. How you can apply for each of these two-section is explained below.

If you want to ktudy next year at the Kumasi Technical University (KTU ), you need to start applying for your application now. The key is to find out the KTU Online application dates for 2022/2023.

The Kumasi Technical University online application form for 2022/2023 is now available online via and registration fees for KTU forms will commence by May 2022. The closing date for the registration of the KTU application 2022/2023 has been scheduled between May to September 2022.

Applying for tertiary ktudies can be challenging to find out the details you need. From finding out the application dates to collecting all of the documents required. To help you on the way we have collected all of the KTU institution updates like KTU application dates, KTU application requirements, and how to apply KTU online application for 2022/2023.

If you have been literally waiting for the Kumasi Technical University (KTU ), to release their online application form 2022/2023, bears good news. However, gaining admission into this prestigious university comes with some sets of rules that you must meet and obey.

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So, while you begin to get ready for your ktudies at KTU , be sure to have all your documents ready for submission. Your documents and qualifications will decide if you are truly eligible.

More so, maybe you are interested in applying to this university but do not actually know what is required of you, then, buckle up and read through. Surely, you will find all the necessary information that you need to purchase the Kumasi Technical University application for the 2022/2023 academic session here.

Kumasi Technical University Application Requirements 2022/2023

Your admission to KTU is dependent on you meeting the specific admission requirements for your chosen qualification.

Some KTU qualifications have limited spaces available. Meeting the general and/or specific admission requirements for a qualification does not guarantee that you will be offered a space for the 2022/2023 academic year.

GHANA WASSCE/SSSCE – Minimum/General Entry

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Requirements General Entry Requirements into Legon Campus, Accra City Campus and Korle Bu Campus.

An applicant for admission to a degree programme at the Kumasi Technical University must have at least credits (A1 – C6 in WASSCE and A – D in SSSCE) in English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science (for Science related programmes) or Social Studies (for non-Science related programmes) and three elective subjects in Science for applicants applying to Science or Agriculture related disciplines or three elective subjects in General Arts/Business for applicants applying to non-Science related disciplines, with the total aggregate not exceeding 24. In addition, Science applicants should have at least a grade of C6 in WASSCE/D in SSSCE in Social Studies/Life Skills and non-Science applicants should also have at least a grade of C6 in WASSCE/D IN SSSCE in Integrated Science/Core Science.


(For International Applicants and Ghanaians with Foreign Background)

American High School Grade 12

An applicant for admission to a degree programme at the Kumasi Technical University must have a Final Grade Point of at least 3.0. For admission to the Kumasi Technical University Medical School and the Kumasi Technical University Dental School, an applicant must have a Final Grade Point of at least 3.25.

Admissions will be to Level 100.

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UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS FOR THE 2021/2022 ACADEMIC YEAR Cambridge ‘A’ and ‘O’ Levels Minimum/General Entry Requirement

GCE (Cambridge) – ‘A’ and ‘O’ Levels

Applicants must have three relevant subjects at the Cambridge ‘A’ Levels.

In addition, they must have at least five (5) passes including English and Mathematics at the Cambridge ‘O’ Level.

After Knowing these requirements, you can now proceed with your application because you already know the requirements for both Ghanaians, international ktudents, and Ghanaians abroad.

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KTU Admission Form 2022/2023

Before applying for the KTU application, Some qualifications may require additional documents. KTU reserves the right to request original documents and/or to verify the correctness of submitted documents at any time. Submitting fraudulent documents is an offense in terms of the Student Disciplinary Code.

Follow the instructions carefully when completing the online application process. Only upload the required documents as individual files and not a complete set of documents as one file.

  • Files may not be larger than 2MB (2048KB) each.
  • Only black and white documents may be submitted.
  • Only the following file types are allowed: PDF (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format file), DOC (Word document file), or TIF (image file).

How to Apply for KTU Admission Form 2022/2023

Be careful when applying for KTU Application because If your application for admission to ktudy throktuh KTU is incomplete, your application will be rejected and you will have to apply for admission during the next application period.

If your documents are ready and you want to commence your application

Go to KTU Admission Form via –

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Upload necessary documents and make sure you don’t make mistakes.

Make sure that your application is complete then Submission your application and make sure it is successfully submitted.


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